hookThe Hook is a short activity at the beginning of the lesson that grabs the students' attention, engaging them and motivating their learning. The Hook should set the tone for the lesson, preparing students to be curious, thoughtful and enquiring. It may not be for every lesson but it should become a regular part of your teaching repertoire.

A Hook can take many forms from an image to a verbal statement. They can be quick quizes such as Kahoot! or guess the mystery item. It doesn't have to be elaborate but it should be relevant to the lesson and not simply an add on.

The Hook makes for an excellent opportunity for Writing To Learn with students responding to your Hook with a quick write or similar activity. The Hook can also lead into the next phase of the WHAT IF model - Accessing prior knowledge.

According to Gagne's Instructional Model, when students arrive at class, their attention can be directed toward many other things, so in order for any learning to take place, first their attention must be captured and their interest should be aroused. Some examples are:

  1. Starting the lesson with a thought-provoking question or interesting fact.
  2. Providing an interesting visual or sound stimulus. Depending on the audience, multimedia (like PowerPoint slides) can be used to combine photographs, pictures, and sound.