Flipped Learning

Flipped learning is one of the most exciting innovations to come out of the digital revolution. It frees up the teacher to work alongside students without the need for lengthy chalk and talk lessons. It encourages students to work outside of set classtime and provides students with the ability to learn at their own pace.

But enough reading - check out this video for an example of a flipped lesson.

Software you can use to record a video:

  • PowerPoint - yes, turn your PowerPoint into a video with voice over at the push of a button. It's easy and requires no additional software.
  • Screencastify - an add-on for the Chrome web browser. The free version works extremely well and is easy to use to capture the screen, audio and a webcam video of you.
  • Debut Video Capture - free and it should already be on your Windows laptop. Capture your screen or video camera with sound.
  • MovieMaker - free from Microsoft and already on your Windows laptop. This can be used to edit your video simply and quickly. It's easy to remove mistakes which makes recording so much faster.
  • Explain Everything - for the iPad. At around $18 it is affordable and very easy to use. Record your iPad as though it were a whiteboard with audio to make quick and effective videos for uploading to the web.

For the advanced video creator. So you'd like to produce professional quality videos and you have the time to learn more complex software and the time to edit the video to produce a very slick video. This comes with a price both in time and money but you might like to investigate:

  • Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate - these two packages are used to create training, multimedia programs. They are expensive but we have several licenses available. They are not easy to use but there are several, free, online courses available.
  • Camtasia Studio - a very nice program (my software of choice for flipped learning). At around $200 it is not a cheap option but advanced video creators should talk to me about options.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects - normally a very expensive option but for you - free. We have a school license that will give you access to the top video editing software available. You can do ANYTHING you see in the movies with these two programs.

Other options you might be interested in investigating.

  • Big Blue Button. This is an activity in Moodle that allows you to set up and record an online class with audio, video, slides, chat and a whiteboard. It is integrated with Moodle and is easy to use and creates a video with an automatic index. However, it does not allow editing of the video.
  • Sankore is a free interactive whiteboard package that you can use with one of our existing IWBs or on your laptop. It can record your session and save it to YouTube or as a local file for editing.
  • Microsoft's Movie Maker allows you to easily make simple edits to your videos.