How to access your student's courses in Moodle

Log into Moodle

Go to

Enter your Username and Password (as supplied by the school for Moodle) into the Login box and click the Log in button.

Image of log in box



List your child's courses

Select the student you wish to see the classes from the list in the Parent Information box.

List of students in Parent Information box


The courses your student is enrolled in will be listed. Note that this will include courses from previous years if the student has not unenrolled from old courses.

List of courses

Enrolling in a course

To see the work in a course for your student, click on the class to view.

If an error message appears, close it.

From the Administration box, click on Course administration and select Enrol me in this course.

Enrol me option


Click the Enrol me button

Enrol me button

Repeat for each class you wish to view. Once completed, these classes can be accessed from the My courses box on the Moodle home page.

Last modified: Wednesday, 18 March 2020, 7:07 PM