Install BYO certificate how to

Installing YHSC Internet Certificate

The following guide is to assist students and other BYO devices to install the schools internet certificate to ensure access to the internet, if you are experiencing issues with websites appearing as "untrusted",not loading or bringing a device that hasn't already been through this process please follow the below steps.

Step 1.

Right click the below link and select save link as

Step 2.

Save the file to an easy to access location such as your downloads or desktop folder and hit the save button


Step 3.

Double click the file you downloaded which should be called Fortinet_CA_SSL, a prompt should appear, please select open



Step 4.

You will be presented with the following window, please select install


Step 5.

You’ll be welcomed by a certificate import wizard, follow the below picture and select Local Machine, then press next

Step 6.

On the next window select “Place all certificates in the following store as per picture below, then press browse


Then select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities as per below

Step 7.

This is the final step, just simply press next


And hit finish


If you still have issues with browsing the internet at this point please let the technicians know and seek assistance with configuring this for you during recess or lunch at the technicians office, thank you!