Acceptable User Policy

Yarra Hills Secondary College
Acceptable User Policy

Our Acceptable User Policy has been designed to maximise the benefits that come from using a networked computer system with Internet access while minimising the risks. We require every member of the College community to abide by this policy so that we can continue to provide a wide range of services to all.

Please remember that you are representing the College at all times and that your activities are being monitored. This includes your email and your Internet web activity. Emails sent containing offensive language may be stopped and forwarded to the coordinators. The College retains the right to collect and/or inspect iPads and netbooks at any time and to alter, add or delete installed software or hardware.

Conditions of use of the College's Computers Conditions of use of the College's Computers

  1. The college network including wireless access is for school use only.
  2. It is the responsibility of each student to keep their password secure. No student may give another student permission to use their account details. 
  3. No student may use another user’s account or attempt to gain access to another user’s account. 
  4. It is the responsibility of each student to maintain their own files on the network and their device and to regularly make backups.  The College accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged data. 
  5. Each student is responsible for any damage deliberate or caused through negligence – this includes their device, other students devices and college devices
  6. No student may install software on the College devices (including desktops\laptops), or run software from removable media, the Internet or other sources without the permission of the Network Managers. Students take responsibility for any apps they install on their devices.
  7. The playing of computer games during class time is not permitted unless permission is given by their teacher. 
  8. No food or drink is permitted in the computer rooms. 
  9. No student may access, store, transfer, email redistribute or use files, programs or web sites that: 

    1. are illegal 
    2. are pirated or protected by copyright
    3. contain offensive, harassing, obscene or abusive language 
    4. involve pornographic images, sounds or text 
    5. are considered offensive by the College
    6. contain information of a dangerous or immoral nature such as hacking guides, terrorist handbooks, etc. 
    7. enable them to alter the network or to gain full or partial access to the network beyond what has been supplied specifically for student use by the College
    8. are owned by another person or organization without the permission of that person or organization
    9. are blocked by the college filters
    10. allow the college filters to be bypassed
  10. No student may use College computers to receive or send email or other electronic messages, create or maintain a World Wide Web site, download programs or similar files, or take part in “chat” sessions without the permission of the Network Managers or their teacher. 
  11. No student may access or attempt to access the College network at levels of access above those granted to the student by the College. 
  12. Hardware may not be altered, removed or transferred between computer stations. All damage must be reported to the Network Managers.
  13. Students will list any downloaded material used in the preparation of assignments in a bibliography and clearly indicate where material has been directly quoted from another source.
  14. Students will not reveal personal information including names, addresses, credit card details and telephone numbers of themselves or others via the Internet or school network unless instructed to do so by the College.
  15. Student must also comply to the DET Acceptable use policy which can be viewed at the following location
  16. Use of mobile phones and other cellular\telephony based devices during class time is prohibited and if used fall under the same terms & conditions outlined in this document.


  • Students who violate any of the terms of this agreement will face disciplinary action as determined by the College. 
  • By using any device within the college you automatically accept this agreement and will adhere to the above outlined conditions.
  • Yarra Hills Secondary College reserves the right to change\add\modify this acceptable user agreement at any time without formal notice.

Last modified: Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 11:51 AM