Topic outline

  • Professional Learning Communities

    Professional Learning Communities are the heart of innovation and growth in our college. Their purpose is to provide you with the time, support and resources to deepen your understanding of the teaching and learning process and to develop new skills to use in your classroom.

    In this module you will find the latest information on the PLC process for 2019 along with resources that you might find useful. If you have questions that aren't answered here then please have a chat with Shane, Chris or Steve.

  • Developing a project

    Project title

    Professional Learning Communities are just that, groups of people learning new skills and deepening their understanding of their professional role. You are encouraged to work with a small group of like-minded people who share a common interest in an area of teaching and learning. Together you will develop a project that becomes the focus of your PLC for the year. All PLCs and projects need to be approved by the Directors of Teaching and Learning and the College Principal so, when you have an idea for a project, complete the Professional Learning Communities Project Proposal form and email it to Steve Blackwell.

  • Documentation

    A quality project will involve clear documentation in terms of goals (where you are heading) and evaluation (how well did you go getting there).

    The Department of Education & Training requires us to document our PLC process during the year. You need to log in to your DET account and record your goals and strategies and, as the year progresses, evaluate your progress and provide evidence of your journey. This is not meant to be a lengthy or difficult process and we have provided a clear example of what is expected.

    Don't forget, the School Goals will be added by your reviewer. You only need to add goals to Professional Knowledge, Practice, Engagement and Student Outcomes. Keep your goals brief and SMART. The bulk of your work is done in your PLC, not online filling in goals and review statements.

  • Leading and Facilitating Teams

  • Mid-Cycle Review

    The mid-cycle review is an opportunity to reflect on where you are in your project and personal goals. It is not a major task where you are required to present your final evidence and data but rather a chance to comment on your journey so far. 

    For your mid-cycle review you should:

    • Be able to demonstrate that you are working on your project as a team or as an individual as well as any individual goals you might have. This may be documentation, data or simply a statement on where you currently are in meeting your goals.
    • Have documentation of your peer observations. You should have observed a part of someone’s lesson and been observed. If you haven’t carried out observations yet please do so.
    • Complete the mid-cycle self-evaluation online in the Performance and Development section of EduPay. Reflect thoughtfully on your progress.
      • What have you achieved so far?
      • What do you need to put in place to meet your goals by the end of the year?
      • Are you on track collecting data on your project?
      • Do you need any additional resources?
    Your PLC Leader will access your self-evaluation online and review your progress. (May not apply to graduates).

    Please complete your self-evaluation online as soon as you can so that your leader has ample time to read through and comment on your progress.

  • End-of-year Review

    The end-of-year review and showcase is our opportunity to celebrate together as we share what we have learned as a result of our passion projects. Below you will find an overview of the showcase. as well as a sample presentation to help you as you prepare yours.