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ScienceThe questions below are just a few you will seek answers to in this journey of all things flight!        

What was the first man made object to fly in 200 B.C?

* Who were the Montgolfier brothers?

* Why did the Hindenburg meet it's fiery end?

* What is a dirigible?

* Who is the bloke pictured on our $20 note?

Develop your scientific knowledge when learning about;

The field of aerodynamics

* The forces acting on an aircraft

* Newtons's Laws

Listen into an air traffic control tower, track planes in real time and investigate how a fatal plane crash on Mount Dandenong changed aviation laws of the time. Try your hand at writing an article for an aviation magazine, or a news report for our television studio.

This subject focuses on affordable, quick to prepare, nutritious, balanced food.  Students will explore a variety of food models and government campaigns involving healthy eating to improve health outcomes and optimal development of adolescents. A variety of cooking processes will be utilised to build the confidence of students in regard to healthy cooking, healthy decisions and food safety in the kitchen.  Convenience and processed foods compared to home cooking.  Reading food labels, nutrient analysis; cost of food and budgeting will also be covered.